Marja Kennis

Marja is a visual artist working mainly in ceramics, creating sculpture and wall installations.
Feeding from local surroundings, she collects living material, casts it and creates a new organism or structure in ceramics, like a future fossil. The idea is that plants, living things in a certain area are there not only by accident or nature, they are wanted or tolerated by man, a sign of culture. Ceramics is a way of conserving an image of this culture in 3D and though extremely vulnerable, ceramics is potentialy also extremely durable

Marja was always fascinated by life and how people try to catch it, understand it or even control it. She studied horticulture and psychology before starting at Gerrit Rietveld academie in Amsterdam where the choise for ceramics was inevitabel.

She is still connected with The Gerrit Rietveld academie, working at the ceramicsworkshop and as a guest teacher for different departments.
She gave lectures in Coda Apeldoorn, Ceramics museum De Tiendschuur etc.

High Fired bij Franzis Engels

01.09.2022 tot 15.10.2022

Op zaterdag 03.09.2022 zal Wendy Gers (Conservator Moderne en hedendaagse keramiek, Keramiekmuseum Princessehof) om 16.00 uur de expositie officieel openen. U bent welkom!

Group exhibition with Deirdre McLoughlin, Joke Raes, Eileen Cohen Sussholz, Anne Marie Laureys, Reinier Lagendijk, Nathalie Campion, Marja Kennis en Marga Knaven

Nieuwevaart 200

I will be presenting my Hybrids F1 and some new works

Porcelain plant sculptures based on diverse plants from Holland. Hybrids are a combination of plants of the Dutch landscape and the plants in gardens.


Composition with hundreds of porcelain compositae made with a dice algorithm at BIG ART 2021

Compositae before composition

Live and plants made into ceramic fossils

Tiles made in the EKWC Den Bosch 2013

Lost Birds

Veggie Trophees


Casting Life Den Bosch EKWC

mold Paul
ceramics touches life growing through the roof
EKWC studio during presentation 2013
niche for Paul